metal garden edging for landscaping by StraightCurve

Create Your Perfect Garden with StraightCurve Steel Garden Edging

Perfect Your Garden with StraightCurve Steel Garden Edging

StraightCurve is a company that manufactures a wide range of in-ground and above-ground metal garden edging and raised planter box garden solutions. Their solutions are simple to install, hard-wearing, and are available at an affordable price point.

Whether you want to create hard, straight lines for your garden edging or a series of flowing curves and sweeps, fulfill your vision quickly and easily with the StraightCurve collection. 

Gardening and landscaping solutions

Edging is important in a garden;

  • As lawn edging to stop grass from growing into garden beds and over paths.
  • Landscape edging to separate mulches from gravels.
  • Planter boxes to contain specific garden elements or provide height.
  • Creating texture within the landscape.

A good garden border product makes each of these attractive and easy to implement.

StraightCurve have created an affordable DIY garden edging solution available in a weathered steel rustic finish and a modern galvanised finish. Both these finishes visually match well with the range of decorative pebbles and mulches available on the market today.

The two different finishes offer design flexibility in the creation of almost any garden or landscape and is one practical advantage of using StraightCurve products. StraightCurve edging is available in 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 240mm, 400mm and 560mm heights. With these, there are endless garden designs available to you. Mix and matches sizes and finishes to create texture, contrast, and a new life to your outdoor area.

Steel garden edging products by StraightCurve

StraightCurve product ranges

All sizes are available in Rigidline and Flexline ranges.

  • Rigidline is designed to easily create perfect straight lines within your landscape to enhance the impact of your garden design.
  • Flexline can effortlessly bend into beautiful flowing curves, allowing flexibility and creativity in your garden layout.

Even better, both ranges will work together. You can still join Flexline and Rigidline pieces together to suit your needs.

StraightCurve also offers planter box solutions that are available in 400mm and 560mm heights and in a variety of lengths. You can create longer or shorter boxes to suit your garden and your space. Planter boxes are great if you want to create height in your landscape or make specific areas of your garden stand out.

StraightCurve is an easy DIY garden edge solution that anyone can use. It is highly popular with many landscapers and building professionals. It is also becoming much more popular with people who enjoy creating their own beautiful landscapes in their homes.

If you’d like to learn more about our range of StraightCurve products and how they can help your project, contact us now.

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