Decorative Gravels

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Decorative Gravels Deco Granite Gold Deco Granite Gold Deco Granite Gold is commonly used for pathways, driveways and entertaining areas such as fire pits. For best results, mix with off white cement and compact in with a tamper or plate compactor. Sold by the tonne. Can be stabilised and delivered

Aggregates & Roadbases

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Aggregates & Roadbases Gabion Rock 75 – 150mm Gabion Rock 75-150mmA 75-150mm gabion rock. Commonly used in gabion basket retaining wall systems. Sold by the tonne. *All gravel sizes are nominal, all gravels will have smaller and larger rocks than the specified size, these are all naturally occurring products and

Building Accessories

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Building Accessories Aluminium Planks Aluminium PlanksTake your work to greater heights with aluminium planks. Available in all sizes up to 6mtrs DRIZORO Maxseal Flex DRIZORO Maxseal FlexA flexible waterproof coating for concrete, masonry blocks, prefabricated panels, bricks and medium to low porous surfaces. Uses: waterproofing and protection of potable water


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Cements Premium Clay Premium ClayBlue Circle® Premium Clay is a super fine kaolin clay. It is also known as Ball Clay and possesses high plasticity, dry strength and refractory properties. Typically used as a plasticiser for building renders and mortars. Also used as a general purpose filler. Blue Circle Cemstik®

Concreting Accessories

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Concreting Accessories Concrete Besser Blocks Concrete Besser Block Sold by the piece or by pallet direct Available in 150, 200 or 300mm Series Concreting Accessories Concreting AccessoriesConcreting Accessories Thomson Landscapes offers a large range of concreting accessories. Featured in this image: Kneeling Board Diamond Blade Wood Float Finishing Bullnose Edger


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Firewood Block Splitter & Axe Block Splitter & Axe 6Lb Block Splitter with fibre glass handle 4.5Lb Axe with fibre glass handle available in store now. Use these tools to easily slice through our firewood Firewood Firewood Seasoned Firewood   Sold by the cubic metre Firewood is a naturally occurring product,

Garden Accessories

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Garden Accessories Grass Master Grass Master Grassmaster is an organic based fertiliser ideal for your grass and also some hedges for a nice bright green colour. Available in 25kg bags Gypsum GypsumNatural Gypsum will improve soil structure, increase water penetration and increase aeration which will enhance root development. Natural Gypsum

Landscape Accessories

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Landscape Accessories Austral Retaining Wall Blocks Austral Retaining Wall BlocksAustral Masonry has a versatile range of retaining wall blocks on offer with a wide range of colours and textures to meet a vast majority of designs and landscapes. Retaining wall blocks available - Sydney Stone Block - Heron Block -


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Mulches Eucy Mulch Eucy Mulch Eucy Mulch is a finely chipped mulch that comes from a Eucalyptus Tree. It is light in colour and long lasting. The fine grade makes it a good mulch for weed suppression and sloped areas. Sold by the cubic metre and in 60L bags For

Plumbing & Drainage

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Plumbing & Drainage Channel and Grate Drains Channel and Grate Drains Everhard EasyDRAIN system provides everything you need to create an effective, fully integrated surface water drainage system. Made from tough recycled polymer Available in 1m and 3m lengths Corner and Tee pieces to match Converters and end caps available