Eucy Mulch

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Eucy Mulch Eucy Mulch is a finely chipped mulch that comes from a Eucalyptus Tree. It is light in colour and long lasting. The fine grade makes it a good

Tea Tree Mulch

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Tea Tree MulchTea Tree Mulch is  dark fibrous mulch produced as a by product from the tea tree industry. Its fine texture is great for weed suppression, moisture conservation, is

Horticultural Bark

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Horticultural BarkHorticultural bark is a chocolate brown coloured pine bark mulch graded 10-15mm. Commonly used in formal gardens and as a contrast to foliage colour, also used to mulch pots

Soft Fall Bark

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Soft Fall BarkA soft fall bark that meets AS/NZS 4422: 1996 for installation under play equipment. Play ground surfacing must be monitored and maintained to provide a safe play environment.

Red Wood Chip

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Red Wood ChipRed Chip is a recycled plantation timber, chipped to 20 – 25mm and dyed red in colour. Gives immediate colour to garden. Organic mulches are a great addition

Pine Bark 15 – 25mm

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Pine Bark 15 - 25mmA dark chocolate coloured pine bark mulch, graded 15 - 25mm, commonly used in large gardens due to its courser grading. Organic mulches are a great

Leaf Mulch

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Leaf MulchLeaf mulch is made up of mixed species of trees, that composts relatively fast. It has varying texture of coarse and fine, which on some slopes helps to hold

Hardwood Chip

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Hardwood ChipA honey brown coloured, nominal 25mm x 25mm chip. Has a long life span in your garden due to its hardwood base. Organic mulches are a great addition to

Cypress Mulch

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Cypress MulchA golden brown coloured, fine, fibrous mulch consisting of pulverised cypress bark and/or woodchip. Cypress mulch is naturally termite resistant.   For more information on mulching a garden, click