Austral Retaining Wall Blocks
Austral Retaining Wall BlocksAustral Masonry has a versatile range of retaining wall blocks on offer with a wide range of colours and textures to meet a vast majority of designs and landscapes. Retaining wall blocks available - Sydney Stone Block - Heron Block - Hastings Block - Keystone and Vintage
Channel and Grate Drains
Channel and Grate Drains Everhard EasyDRAIN system provides everything you need to create an effective, fully integrated surface water drainage system. Made from tough recycled polymer Available in 1m and 3m lengths Corner and Tee pieces to match Converters and end caps available Rated for 1.5t wheel loads if correctly
Treated Pine Wing Splits
Treated Pine Wing SplitsTreated pine wing splits are half a slab, 3 flat sides and 1 curved side. Used for retaining walls, garden edges and other projects. Available in 2.4 and 3.0 mtr lengths
Treated Pine Slabs
Treated Pine SlabsTreated Pine Slabs have two round sides and two flat sides. They are commonly used for posts or retaining walls as the flat sides side comfortably on top of each other. Available in 2.4 & 3.0 mtr lengths (in 100 & 125mm flat to flat)
Concrete Besser Blocks
Concrete Besser Block Sold by the piece or by pallet direct Available in 150, 200 or 300mm Series
Dry Pressed Bricks
Common Dry Pressed Bricks Common Dry Pressed Bricks Available per piece or by pallet direct. Face bricks also available on order
Extruded Bricks
Extruded BricksCommon Extruded Uni Bricks Available by piece in store or by pallet direct
Agg Pipe
Agg Pipe Agg Pipe Used for drainage Available in a range of sizes
Treated Pine Edging
Treated Pine EdgingTreated pine edging is simple and easy to use when separating gardens from grassed areas or driveways Available in: 100mm x 25mm x 4.8mtr 150mm x 25mm x 4.8mtr
Treated Pine Sleepers
Treated Pine SleepersTreated Pine Sleepers are used for retaining walls, garden edges, steps and other projects around the garden. TLGS supplies structurally certified sleepers for retaining walls. Sleepers are available in CCA treatment and ACQ treatment and in a wide range of sizes including: 2.4x200x50 2.4x200.75 2.4x200.100 3.0x200x50 3.0x200.75 3.0x200x100
Hardwood Pegs
Hardwood PegsHardwood Pegs Sold by the piece Available in a wide variety of sizes

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