Blue Circle Cemstik – 20L drum

Is a PVA emulsion designed as a bonding agent and an admixture for cement.

Suggested Uses

Cemstik® is suitable for various substrates such as concrete block, brick, plasterboard, fibre cement sheet and timber for applications including:

 •    Bonding cement render/plaster to smooth surfaces

 •    Bonding new render/concrete to old

 •    Admixture in toppings to repair damaged surfaces eg. floors

 •    Admixture in cement mixes to repair cracks and holes in concrete

 •    Fastening ceramic or glass tiles to smooth surfaces and for grouting

 •    Floor levelling before laying tiles, lino and parquetry

 •    Sealer coat prior to painting with water based paints

 •    Sealer coat on internal concrete floors to reduce dust and ingression of oils and grease

 •    As a general craft adhesive.

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