Reo Bar

Rebar (or Reo Bar). Reinforcing steel bar for concreting and construction projects.

Available in a range of diameters, black or galvanised, in 3m and 6m lengths.

N10 (10mm)
Reo Bar - N10 (10mm)

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N12 (12mm)
Reo Bar - N12 (12mm)

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N16 (16mm)
Reo Bar - N16 (16mm)

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N20 (20mm)
Reo Bar - N20 (20mm)

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N24 (24mm)
Reo Bar - N24 (24mm)

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Reo Bar - Other

In stock

Reo Bar – N10 (10mm)
Reo Bar – N12 (12mm)
Reo Bar – N16 (16mm)
Reo Bar – N20 (20mm)
Reo Bar – N24 (24mm)
Reo Bar – Other

Steel Reo Bar (Rebar)

Rebar (sometimes spelled “Rio Bar”) is a deformed steel bar important useful for adding strength and stability in construction. Ideal as starter bars for concreting or support for block work.

Our Reo Bar is available in a variety of designations. We stock N-class hot rolled deformed rebar with a yield stress of 500MPa.

Available sizes;

  • N10 (10mm diameter)
  • N12 (12mm diameter)
  • N16 (16mm diameter)
  • N20 (20mm diameter)
  • N24 (24mm diameter)
  • Other sizes and types by enquiry.

Standard sizes of steel bar are available in 3 metre or 6 metre lengths with either black or galvanised finish. Enquire for other sizes or types.

More Information on Reo Bar here


N10 (10mm), N12 (12mm), N16 (16mm), N20 (20mm), N24 (24mm), Other

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