Concrete Mesh – Reinforcing Mesh

Steel Reinforcing Mesh (Reo Mesh) for reinforcing concrete works from slabs, to driveways and paths. Available in a range of types and sizes for any project.


Steel Reinforcing Mesh

Reinforcing Concrete Mesh (also known as Reo Mesh) is important for use in concreting work from construction to landscaping, whether foundation slabs, or driveways and garden paths.

Our Steel Reinforcing Mesh is available in a variety of sizes and types.

Available types of concrete mesh;

  • SL62 (square mesh – 6mm bar 200mm separation)
  • SL72 (square mesh – 7mm bar 200mm separation)
  • SL82 (square mesh – 8mm bar 200mm separation)
  • Other types and sizes of reo mesh by enquiry.

Mesh sheets are commonly available in two sizes; Full sheets (6.0 metres x 2.4 metres), and Ute Mesh (4.0 metres x 2.0 metres). Other sizes available by enquiry.

Read our blog article for more information on Concrete Reo Mesh.

Concrete Mesh

Other, SL62, SL72, SL82

Mesh Sheet Size

Full Sheet (6.0m x 2.4m), Other, Ute (4.0m x 2.0m)

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