Coarse Washed River Sand

A course washed sand used as a bedding sand for paving, also used in some garden, drainage and concreting applications.

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Coarse Washed River Sand

Thomson’s coarse-washed river sand is ideal for many landscaping, concreting, and gardening applications. It has excellent drainage properties due to the large grain size and can be mixed with other soil types.

Our coarse sand is suitable for multiple applications;

  • A bedding sand for paving or concrete.
  • Mixed with garden soil to greatly improve drainage.
  • Some concreting applications.

Coarse washed river sand is available in bulk loads, bulker bags (1 tonne, 3/4 tonne, and 1/2 tonne capacities), or in 20kg bags.

*All sands are naturally occurring products and variation may occur from batch to batch. Typically, colour and texture are common within each batch. We recommend buying and storing the whole amount required for any given project in order to avoid colour and texture variance.


Bag – 20kg, Bulk – 1 tonne, Bulk – 1/2 tonne, Bulker Bag – 1 tonne, Bulker Bag – 1/2 tonne, Bulker Bag – 3/4 tonne

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