Yellow Brickies Sand

Yellow Brickies Sand (or “fatty sand”) is used in mortar applications (brick-laying and block-laying), generally where a darker joint is required. Also suitable for use as a base for pool liners, paving, landscaping, and filling applications.

Brickies sand is ideal for masonry and construction work. Its high clay and silt content makes it easy to work, and provides a stickier mortar that delivers a sturdy and structural join once dried.

Yellow Brickies Sand is available in bulk, 20kg bags, and bulker bags (on order).


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Yellow Brickies Sand

Thomson Landscaping’s yellow brickies sand (commonly referred to as “fatty sand”) is excellent for use in bricklaying and masonry applications. Additionally, it is often used as a base for pool liners, and for paving and filling applications.

Yellow Brickies Sand contains a higher content of clay than White Brickies sand which makes it easy to mix and work with. It also offers good water-repellent properties.

Yellow Brickies Fatty Sand is great for;

  • Brick-laying.
  • Paving applications.
  • Pool lining bases.
  • Landscaping.

Yellow Brickies Sand is available in bulk, 20kg bags, and bulker bags (on order).

*All sands are naturally occurring products and variation may occur from batch to batch. Typically, colour and texture are common within each batch. We recommend buying and storing the whole amount required for any given project in order to avoid colour and texture variance.


Bag – 20kg, Bulk – 1 tonne, Bulk – 1/2 tonne, Bulker Bag – 1 tonne, Bulker Bag – 1/2 tonne, Bulker Bag – 3/4 tonne

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