Soft Fall Bark

A soft fall bark that meets AS/NZS 4422: 1996 for playground surfacing. Ideal for installation under play equipment in order to create safe play areas for children.

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Soft Fall Bark

Our Soft Fall Bark (also known as Playsafe Bark) is a bark mulch specifically designed for playground surfaces.

When specifically installed, monitored, and maintained it meets the Australian Standard AS4422 for playground surfacing and allows the creation of safe play areas for children.

The benefits of mulching

  • Organic mulch aids with water retention in the soil by preventing drying by the sun.
  • Helps suppression of weed growth.
  • Increases organic matter in the soil and therefore micro-organisms.
  • Helps produce rich, healthy soils.
  • Adds colour and texture to the landscape and creates a pleasant aesthetic.
  • This mulch meets the AS4422 Standard requirements for playground surfacing.

Recommended surface coverage is 75-100mm. One cubic metre (1m³) will cover 10m² at a depth of 100mm.

Thomson’s Soft Fall Bark is sold by the cubic metre (m³) or bulker bags (1m³, 3/4m³, and 1/2m³ capacities).


Click to learn more about the original standard AS/NZS 4422 or visit the Australian Standards website.

*Note: Most mulches are bi-products of timber production and therefore naturally occurring, colour and size variations are common from load to load. If you wish to maintain a consistent appearance across your entire garden, ensure you purchase sufficient volume in one batch.


Bulk – 1 Cubic Metre, Bulker Bag – 1/2 Cubic Metre, Bulker Bag – 3/4 Cubic Metre, Bulker Bag – 1 Cubic Metre

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