Tea Tree Mulch

Tea Tree Mulch is dark fibrous mulch produced as a by product from the tea tree industry. It is excellent for soil moisture retention, weed suppression, and soil health.

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Tea Tree Mulch – Bulk - 1 Cubic Metre
Tea Tree Mulch – Bulker Bag - Call (02) 9457 8011 for quote
Tea Tree Mulch – bulker-cubic-metre-75
Tea Tree Mulch – bulker-cubic-metre-50
Tea Tree Mulch – 60 Litre Bag

Tea Tree Mulch

Thomson’s Tea Tree Mulch is a useful addition to aid in the health of your garden. Its fine texture is great for weed suppression and moisture conservation. It is a natural-looking and long-lasting mulch with a pleasant, astringent aroma, and is also known for its termite repellent properties.

The benefits of mulching

  • Organic mulch aids with water retention in the soil.
  • Helps suppress weeds.
  • Increases organic matter in the soil and therefore micro-organisms.
  • Helps produce rich, healthy soils.
  • Adds colour and texture to the landscape and creates a pleasant aesthetic.

Our Tea Tree Mulch is sold by the cubic metre (m³) or bulker bags (1m³, 3/4m³, and 1/2m³ capacities), and as 60 Litre bags.

One 60L bag will cover approximately 7m2 of garden.

Read our blog article for more information on mulching your garden.

*Note: Most mulches are bi-products of timber production and therefore naturally occurring, colour and size variations are common from load to load.



60 Litre Bag, Bulk – 1 Cubic Metre, Bulker Bag – Call (02) 9457 8011 for quote

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