Organic Garden Mix

A specially formulated soil mix used for general landscaping and garden rejuvenation

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Organic Garden Mix Soil

Thomson’s Organic Garden Mix is a rich blended organic soil that helps plants grow quickly whilst maintaining root health and good drainage.

Our Organic Garden Soil Mix is great for;

  • Fruit and vegetables, and herb gardens.
  • New plantings.
  • Ornamental shrubs and shade trees.
  • Garden rejuvenations.

Garden Mix is sold by the cubic metre (m³) bulk, in bulker bags (1/2 m³, 3/4 m³, or 1 m³ capacities), or in 30 Litre bags.

Garden Mix is made of naturally occurring products, colour and size variations may differ from load to load.

Extended product description and guideline


30 Litre Bag, Bulk – 1 Cubic Metre, Bulker Bag – 1/2 Cubic Metre, Bulker Bag – 3/4 Cubic Metre, Bulker Bag – 1 Cubic Metre

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