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Sandy Loam Topsoil

Thomson’s sandy loam 80:20 topsoil makes an excellent top dressing for lawns and garden areas, as well as an underlay for new turf. It is a great choice of planting soil for species that require free-draining soils and helps prevent roots from rotting.


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Topsoil – Fine Sandy Loam Soil

Our premium grade topsoil is an 80:20 blended soil (also known as Sandy Loam). It consists of 80% screened and washed river sand mixed with 20% nutrient-rich natural washed soil.

Thomsons’s Top Soil is;

  • 80:20 blend sandy loam soil.
  • Excellent top dressing for lawns and gardens.
  • Great underlay for new turf.
  • Good planting soil for plants requiring free-draining soil.

Our topsoil is easy to work with and can help you keep a healthy garden and lawn.

Top Soil is sold by the tonne (t) or by the bag.

Note: Top Soil is made of naturally occurring products; colour and size variations may differ from load to load.


Bulk – 1 tonne, Bulk – 1/2 tonne, Bulker Bag – 1 tonne, Bulker Bag – 1/2 tonne, Bulker Bag – 3/4 tonne

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