Watering Your Turf in Summer – Prevent Lawn Damage

How often should you water your turf in summer? Many people are uncertain and worried about the possible damage they could do to their grass and lawns.

Our weather at the moment can be quite changeable. We have had periods of warm and dry weather interspersed with almost tropics-like rain. Whatever the weather, though, knowing what your turf needs will help you look after it suitably.

For all lawns, we recommend a deep water once a week during the summer months. A deep water is best done by putting a sprinkler on for about an hour to ensure it gets down into the roots of the grass. This will encourage the roots to grow deeper making your grass more drought tolerant.

During summer in particular, you should only water your lawns in the evening. This prevents the grass from getting scorched and damaged due to the sun’s heat during the middle of the day.

If the day’s temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celcius, an additional light water (half hour) is encouraged on top of your weekly drench. This will just give it that little extra boost during periods of hot weather.

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