Concreting Reinforcement – Concrete Mesh, Trench Mesh, and Rio Bar

Concreting Reinforcement – Concrete Mesh, Trench Mesh, and Rio Bar

Whether professional concreting of a DIY project, it is important to use the right concreting tools and materials. At Thomson’s Landscaping we stock of concrete mesh, trench mesh, and rio bar plus a wide range of concreting tools and accessories.

Concretor’s Mesh

Steel Mesh is used for reinforcing concrete to make it stronger.

Mesh is available in a wide range of sizes. We keep in stock:

  • SL62
  • SL72
  • SL82
    • Full sheet (6m x 2.4m) and Ute Mesh (4m x 2m)

Plus other sizes are available on request and by direct delivery.

These sheets of mesh are usually used for concrete slabs, driveways and pathways.

Trench Mesh

Trench mesh comes in lengths of 6 meters. We stock:

  • 8TM200 (3 bar)
  • 8TM300 (4 bar)
  • 8TM400 (5 bar) on order only
  • 11tm200 (3 bar)
  • 11tm400 (4 bar)
  • 11tm400 (5 bar) on order only

Plus other sizes available on request or direct deliver

These lengths of steel are specially made for trenches and the range of sizes usually fits most standard sizes of trenches.

Rio Bar

Available in 3mtr and 6mtr lengths in black and galvanised coatings

  • N10
  • N12
  • N16
  • N20 Available on order
  • N24  Available on order

Plus other sizes available on order or direct delivery

Rio bar is commonly used in concreting as starter bars and also to reinforce block work.

Concreting Tools & Accessories

At Thomson Landscapes, we offer a wide range of concreting tools and accessories. These include:

  • Ligatures
  • Bent Bar (made to order)
  • Bitumen Expansion Joint
  • Foam Joint Rolls
  • Bar Chairs
  • Tie Wire and Nips
  • Loop Ties and Rod Tying Tool
  • Concreting Tools including a variety of trowels and edgers
  • Concrete Nails
  • Clouts
  • Bags of pre-mixed Concrete and Sand and Cement
  • Channel Grates (ACO, Everhard)

Order ahead for all Steel Mesh, Trench Mesh and Rio Bar for free next day delivery available Monday to Friday *minimums apply

At Thomson Landscape Supplies a wide range of Concreting Accessories are available.

For more information, see our products page, email an enquiry or give us a call.

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